We are genuinely UNIQUE in the Cannabis industry in that everything we stand for is about QUALITY.

When interacting with Endo Farms, you can count on getting the highest standards of products and services alike. We do to great lengths — way beyond what many others do — to ensure that happens. And there’s a second thing that’s makes us different than the rest. In addition to being a fine source of cannabis, we also exclusively provide consultative services to others, sharing with people like you our vast wealth of knowledge about industry best practices.

Our company has two core activity areas within the realm of medical marijuana: the cultivation and distribution of our own products to dispensaries; and high-end consultation services aimed at helping others develop processes and goods. Although these are two distinct enterprises, they overlap in their commitment to the final goal of getting only the highest level deliverables out there in the market to benefit those in need. The same stringent criteria are apply to everything associated with the Endo Farms name, from plants that originate from our sites, to training others to create and operate their own growth and production facilities. We measure our success against top benchmarks for healthy/safe/sustainable horticultural practices, advanced extraction and lab processes, efficiency, and overall quality control.

Companies everywhere are jumping on the burgeoning medical marijuana bandwagon today. With so many choices, all within a relatively unregulated marketplace, it has become increasingly critical to know that a commodity or source of information is 100% trustworthy. That’s where Endo Farms comes in. We’re not some fly-by-night operation. Rather, our team reflects more than 40 years combined of cannabis industry experience, including cultivation, extraction, post-processing needs, regulatory compliance, design, seed-to-sale software, and entrepreneurial undertakings. With it all, our focus is plant-centric, not on our bottom line.


Founder/Chief Science Officer

Alfred Hermiz is one of the industry leaders in both Cannabis Cultivation and Oleoresin “Concentrate” Extraction. He is one of many working to progress medical and recreational cannabis knowledge, legislation, and sound business practices within the US and internationally. With a deep understanding of plant science and industry knowledge Alfred is helping move the cultivation and…

The Cannabis Market is heading toward normalization in terms of minimum standards of testing, packaging and labeling. It is also scaling up to achieve best efficiencies, along with, food and medical quality. Its even more critical with all the growth ahead and sudden decision making required, to have the right team – one with a…