Endo Farms began its enterprise exclusively with cultivation/distribution services. However, the need for expertise in how to best fulfill the worldwide need for quality-controlled medical marijuana led to the development of our consultation services. We provide critical guidance to dispensaries on the best practices for designing, building, and operating their own businesses. This is possible by virtue of our company’s in-depth experience in all aspects of cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary operations, and the fact that we are fully-licensed to share this knowledge with you. Full or partial consultation services are available, depending on your needs.


On-Site, Data Driven Cultivation Expertise

Our onsite specialists help clients design — or redesign, if existing sites are not peerless – environments that are optimum for crop growth and longevity.  The solutions we recommend are agriculturally-based, safe, and environmentally responsible at a level that was heretofore found only in such big-business industries as food and pharmaceutical. Our fees are more than made up for by the money you’ll save in crops that are damaged or lost through unsustainability, disease, pests, or mold. Our effective, speedy solutions translate into little down time at your end.

Advanced agricultural sensing equipment is used to detect issues that are not visible to the human eye (like mold, mildew or pests.) Real-time analytics in the form of graphs and charts show clients exactly where they stand in relation to industry norms and optimums.

The end result is site designs that bring your objectives to fruition, while meeting or exceeding compliance requirements and the strictest rules set forth by regulatory bodies.

State-of-the-art design tools: CAD, Revit Drawings and 3-D Renderings

We speak your language. Our professionals work with your owners, designers, architects, engineers, and electricians to achieve desired results. Tools like CAD, Revit software and 3-D renderings assure that specifications are accurate, translatable and understood by all.



Wholesale Pricing on Equipment

Once the perfect indoor or greenhouse cultivation site has been designed, the next step is obtaining equipment to put the plan into effect. Endo Farms is not in the for-profit business of selling horticultural, extraction and processing equipment. For us, it’s not about the money. Rather, we want to insure that clients have at their disposal the best tools to get the fine-quality-production job done. With that in mind, we arrange for our clients to source their equipment from the companies that sell to us. That means you pay the same wholesale price we do, not one penny more.

Controlling the environment: HVAC, irrigation, and IPM systems

One of the most critical factors to success in all phases from cannabis seed, through harvest, through drying and curing, is an effective, dependable airflow system. The engineers at Endo Farms have created a custom HVAC system that maintains ideal growing conditions throughout the plant’s lifecycle. Built in redundancies insure no temporary glitches that could potentially ruin the crop. We’ll train your employees on how to utilize the equipment and stay vigilant that it’s running as it should.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is a must in any cultivation environment. We teach you about the life cycles of pests and how they can adversely affect the growing environment in which they live. A specific attack plan is provided, which includes guidance on safe item use, as well information about acquiring these goods through reliable sources.

Another vital factor to plant health is irrigation, for which the design, implementation and automation of systems must be considered. Custom irrigation, filtration, reservoirs and drainage systems can be built to scale to ensure optimum water levels and maximum nutrient delivery.


Endo Farms can help manage the operation of your facility

At the request of our consultancy clients we are now offering to selected clients the service of full operation of their cultivation and production facilities. We also may entirely finance new facilities if needed. This is seen by our clients as Risk Reduction and allows clients to focus efforts on retail or other areas of growth.  How the Operations Service works is we:

  • Create a new operating plan with the licensee to address the specific needs of your project.
  • In selected cases we buy, design and install new facilities as needed to meet mutual goals.
  • Provide our qualified operating staff or hire new qualified operating staff.  We have relationships with the best cannabis industry staffing companies, and will use those relationships to help you find the best candidates for positions.
  • On top of staffing your facility, Endo Farms will train staff in specific use of the equipment and systems to GMP level. Use our own developed SOPs from our equipment and facilities experience. These written guidelines incorporate the vast knowledge it has taken Endo Farms decades to acquire into easy-to-follow instructions so you can replicate our successes.
  • Lead and manage personnel to achieve goals developed in concert with the license holder.
  • A revenue sharing agreement may apply to create a win – win with licensees.