Applied Cannabis Science

Endo Farms specializes in helping our clients succeed in the most integral parts of the legal cannabis industry as well as producing the highest quality products.


Our onsite specialists help clients design – or redesign – environments that are optimum for crop growth and longevity.


Once the perfect indoor or greenhouse cultivation site has been designed, the next step is obtaining equipment to put the plan into effect.


We continue to support your ongoing efforts with thorough Standard Operating Procedure manuals that we custom create to address the specifics of your cultivation as well as all other operations.


Endo Farms is leading the way, setting lofty standards for the medical cannabis industry.
From the cultivation and distribution of our own products to dispensaries; and high-end consultation services aimed at helping others develop processes and goods. The Endo Farms team reflects more than 40 years combined of cannabis industry experience, including cultivation, extraction, post-processing needs, regulatory compliance, design, seed-to-sale software, and entrepreneurial undertakings. With it all, our focus is plant-centric.
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Endo Farms is a leader in the global cannabis market, raising cultivation to the same high level standards that the pharmaceutical and food industries have been held to for generations. Our focus is on Good Manufacturing Practice/ISO certified level cultivation sites and products. Our final goal is to get only the highest level deliverables out there in the market to benefit those in need. The same stringent criteria applies to everything associated with the Endo Farms name, from plants that originate from our sites, to training others to create and operate their own growth and production facilities.
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